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The fourh in the series of 'Lockdown' songs. A bit more rocky - so best played LOUD. A couple of references to Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" - and a few more nods to other classics...

The third in the series of 'Lockdown' songs. 

While theatres and other places of entertainment remain closed, here is a new tune in celebration of the fact that soon we will re-open our doors and slowly, eventually, life as we know it,
will resume.  

This is a more general reaction to lockdown than "The Ghost Light" - but also from quite a personal perspective. It's as much about missing somebody as it is about the present crisis. The idea came from a seemingly little thing: a telephone that no longer rings on a Sunday morning. Without going into detail, it set my thoughts onto a path that eventually led to this song - an imagined conversation with a loved one, no longer with us. We miss these chats, these moments; sharing these things. What they be making of the whole situation?



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